Athens Renaissance Robotics

Team Summary

Athens Renaissance is located in rural North West Alabama. Since our rookie year in 2020, we have accumulated over twenty active members and five mentors. With over 500+ hours of community volunteer work, we have created a sustainable and collaborative STEM community. Community involvement is key and through our robot demonstrations, workshops, and FIRST support we have certainly made an impact. One of our current projects is a Hype Bot that allows us to bring some team 538 flare to community and FIRST events. Having hosted numerous workshops for our community it is very apparent we have made a lasting impact on our community through providing crucial STEM skills. We also visit colleges and universities where we show our robot and what we at Athens Renaissance do.

Mission statement

It is our mission to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators, creative problem-solvers, and leaders through the vast world of robotics. Here at Athens Renaissance we are committed to building an environment that fosters creativity, STEM skills, and most of all teamwork. Our goal is to provide an engaging environment for learning where students can grow their technical knowledge, work as a team, and take on real-world problems. Together, with our dedication and persistence we will create a positive impact on the world of FIRST and our community.

FIRST Tech Challenge

Our FTC team (team numbers 19459 and 121830) consists of 15 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students from Athens Renaissance Middle School and a teacher mentor.